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Jordan Peace, CEO

Jordan’s favorite Fringe benefit: Jeni’s Pint Club

Jordan is an ideas man. He thrives on enthusiasm (+1 Fringe point for referencing the movie that line is from). Other than being squarely in the top 90% of dads and the world's median husband—he also looks exactly like Bradley Cooper's far less attractive brother and sounds like Owen Wilson if he were from Virginia.

Jason Murray, CFO

Jason’s favorite Fringe benefit: Sittercity

Jason, or J-Money, as we call him—is the father of 2.99 children, a scholar, and a coffee and whiskey enthusiast. In his hypothetical free time, Jason would enjoy playing guitar and chopping logs while wearing a fitted lumberjack shirt. Jason literally started this company to lock down free babysitting for life and to have his groceries delivered.


Chris Luhrman, COO

Chris’s favorite Fringe benefit: Spotify Premium

Chris is Mr. Get-It-Done. A 70-year-old in a 33-year-old's body, Chris enjoys emails, newspapers, arriving early, and dinner at 4:30. Though we don't get to see this silver fox at any Fringe social events due to bedtime constraints, we are confident that he is cranking out work at the crack of dawn while listening to Elvis and reading the obituaries.


Brig Leland, CTO

Brig’s favorite Fringe benefit: ClassPass

Brig is a massive wall of muscle. Each of the other founders has committed 5% of our time to convincing Brig to keep his shirt on in meetings and to replacing many a broken keyboard he has smashed to pieces with his man hands while creating workflows and flow charts. When not at the gym, Brig is sleeping outside the gym waiting for the gym to reopen.


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