Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Fringe?

Fringe is a first-of-its-kind fringe benefits marketplace that gives you and easy way to offer your employees their choice of 80+ lifestyle benefits that they’ll LOVE! Benefits center around services that will give your employees time back, reduce stress, impact the family, and spark joy!

Why offer personalized fringe benefits?

Based on a survey completed by (a leader in backup child-care and adult-care support for employers), 83% of employees said they would make a job change for better family and lifestyle benefits. Employees today demand a different work experience and personalization is a key value.

Research by CultureAmp has shown that offering personalized benefits and experiences is a key factor in boosting employee engagement.

What are some examples of services available with Fringe?

Streaming services: Netflix, Apple Music, Kindle
Food Delivery: Instacart, Blue Apron, GrubHub
Wellness/Well-Being: Classpass, Headspace, Message Envy, Talkspace
Home cleaning services: Handy, Merry Maids
Other services include: Flower delivery by Bouq’s, kid’s educational subscriptions like Little Passports, professional development and career coaching services, student loan repayment, childcare and caregiving services

See our benefits page for more!

We already offer competitive benefits, how are Fringe benefits better than what I’m currently offering my employees?

Traditional benefits like health insurance, 401(k)s, dental/vision, life insurance, and disability insurance are all important, but for most employees, these have simply become table stakes. To do something different, new, and meaningful for your employees, you have to go beyond what everyone else is doing. Be a benefits hero and give you employees their choice of over 80 services to find something they’ll love! Fringe is full of services that are already familiar to employees and will be excited about because they meet needs in their lives now!

How much does Fringe cost?

Really it’s priceless when you consider the impact you will have on your employees’ lives.

But, our pricing is simple:

It’s our user fee of $5/month per employee + whatever monthly benefit spend you want to give each employee to choose their Fringe benefits.

(Enterprise pricing available)

Do I have to give Fringe to all my employees?

No. Fringe benefits are not regulated so they don’t have to be given to all employees. You have flexibility to use Fringe however you’d like - as a benefit to everyone, as a bonus for top-performers, as a tenure-based employee loyalty program, or anything else you can think of!

Is this a taxable benefit?

Yes. We are offering fun, differentiated, meaningful fringe benefits that are taxable like most other fringe benefits.

How do benefit or reward dollars per employee convert into points in the Fringe platform?

Each point is worth $5 in the Fringe platform. For example, if you give an employee a $100/month benefit spend, they would have 20 points to select their Fringe benefits.

For our Rewards & Recognition program, the dollars-to-points conversion is the same ($5 = 1 point). If you gave an employee a $500 year-end bonus in Fringe, they would have 100 points in Fringe.

How long do employees get the benefits they select?

Our standard contract with clients is for 12 months which includes two 6-month benefit periods. Employees will select benefits at the beginning of the contract for the first 6 months. Then, after 6 months we’ll do another benefit sign-up week where all employees get to select new benefits or, if they’d like, to renew their existing benefits.

Can we add a new employee who joins in the middle of a 6-month benefit period?

Yes! They’ll be able to pick benefits for the remainder of the 6-month period. For example, if they joined 2 months after the Fringe benefit sign-up week, they’d get their benefits for the remaining 4 months. Then, they’d join the rest of the employees after 6 months to be able re-select benefits for the next 6-month period.

What happens if an employee leaves in the middle of 6-month benefit period?

They would already have those benefits for 6-months, so they would keep those even if they left. If you would like to have their remaining points credited back to your account, let us know and we’d be glad to help.

What if my employee already has one of these services like Netflix or Amazon Prime?

We’ll send them an email with a gift code that they can add to their existing account! This way, they don’t have to create a new account and lose all their history and preferences.

What if my employees have any questions or issues that come up with the services they’re signing up for?

Fringe is here to simplify your life! Fringe will handle all customer service, questions, and issues that come up with the benefits your employees chose. We manage customer service and vendor management with 80+ services to make your life easier!

Can I give an employee a one-time gift or credit that isn’t an on-going monthly benefit?

Yes! That is exactly why we built our Rewards & Recognition program. You don’t have to commit to an on-going monthly benefit but can give one-time gifts, bonuses, or rewards whenever you or other managers would like.

Can I use Fringe as part of my rewards & recognition program?

Yes! We’ve designed Fringe with completely new, exciting, meaningful services and experiences that will wow your employees and create the types of rewards and recognition that employees love and remember.

What are some ways your clients are using Fringe?

Our clients are using Fringe to offer differentiated, fun, and meaningful on-going benefits to delight their employees, attract top talent, and to help engage and retain current talent.

I love Fringe, and I know my employees would love it if we gave them these benefits, but I don’t know how I’m going to fit it into our benefits budget - what are some ways your clients are finding budget for Fringe?

As part of regular pay raises / benefit increases
Employee loyalty program
Wellness incentive
Wellness program
Mental Health / Well-Being Program
Opt-Out of Company Health Insurance
Swap Out or Consolidation of Existing Fringe Benefits
Top Performers Bonus (e.g. Top 20%)
Other Bonuses & Gifts
Rewards & Recognition

Why should I give employees these services as an employee benefit if they can just buy them on their own?

When you get your employee a gift that they didn’t have to earn, it shows them you truly care about them and what’s going on in their life outside of work. Also, no one likes to spend hard-earned money on themselves! Fringe gives them a way to have stress-free money they can use on services and experiences that will really delight them and simplify their lives.